Medical devices maker In2Bones Global has commercially introduced ClearGuard LE endoscopic soft tissue release system in the US.


Image: The ClearGuard LE endoscopic soft tissue release system. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

The orthopedic and podiatric surgeons can use the ClearGuard LE endoscopic soft tissue release system for the correction of various foot conditions.

ClearGuard LE system has been developed for a variety of soft tissue releases of the lower extremity, including the plantar fascia, gastrocnemius, tarsal tunnel, and Morton’s neuroma.

The new system, which can be delivered pre-sterilized and fully disposable for single use, will enable surgeons to carry out a procedure for plantar fasciitis through a minimal incision while maintaining complete control and precision.

ClearGuard LE is a ready-to-use system that is compatible with a standard 4mm 30° arthroscope. The uniportal clear cannula enables unobstructed 360° panoramic arthroscopic visualization.

The new system’s blocked endpoint facilitates a safe and controlled release of the soft tissue through a small incision.

In2Bones said that the combination of a clear cannula and blocked endpoint is unique to the ClearGuard LE endoscopic soft tissue release system.

In2Bones marketing senior vice president Jon Simon said: “The ClearGuard LE Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System provides our customers with an intuitive, reproducible and cost-effective system for these high-volume lower extremity soft tissue procedures.

“Since these releases are often performed as an adjunctive procedure to reconstructive bone surgery, we anticipate a significant pull-through effect with our related hardware and osteobiologics portfolios.”

Based in Memphis of Tennessee, In2Bones is involved in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices for the treatment of disorders and injuries of the upper (hand, wrist, elbow) and lower (foot and ankle) extremities.

The company also produces PitStop subtalar implant, which was developed to facilitate the surgical correction of progressive flat foot deformity in both pediatric and adult populations.

Part of the firm’s PEEK lower extremity implants, the PitStop implant holds capacity to restore the stability of a patient’s arch during the gait or walking process.