In2Bones Global has announced the global launch of the TriWay TibioTaloCalcaneal (TTC) nail arthrodesis system.


Image: The new TriWay TibioTaloCalcaneal nail arthrodesis system from In2Bones Global. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

Developed by a global team of surgeons and device experts, it represents an improved, best-in-class design compared with traditional cannulated systems used by foot and ankle surgeons.

The new System features a unique posterior offset and solid nail construct that enhances performance, stability, and reliability during hindfoot and ankle fusion cases.

Degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis, failed total ankle replacement, talar deficiency conditions and neuropathy/neuromuscular deformity and diseases, among other issues, present the need for greater variability in compression and better resistance to deforming forces. Bone compression – especially during fusion procedures – is critical to a successful outcome.

The TriWay TTC Nail Arthrodesis System provides this enhanced resistance via a novel, independent 6.5 mm IBS Headless cannulated compression bone screw. Variable compression is achieved through the included targeting guide, enabling greater compression of the tibia and talus bones.

With an anatomic design and a variety of lengths, diameters and screw options, the TriWay TTC Nail System allows surgeons intraoperative options when treating these difficult cases. The 5.0 mm, partially-threaded Cotter Screws perform more like a bolt when compared to traditional threaded nail screws, which can disrupt engagement between the screw and the nail.

“This new product from In2Bones will be a major advancement to my surgical practice,” says James J. Sferra, MD of Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, Pa. “The posterior offset and solid nail construct allow me to place the implant into the ideal zone of the calcaneus and provides a very stable construct.”

“The TriWay system provides excellent compression to an area that often can be difficult to fuse. It is a significant improvement upon early generations of fusion nails,” he continues.

“Innovation that solves long-standing problems and shortcomings in both surgical technique and outcomes is the goal of our entire product line at In2Bones,” says Jon Simon, Sr. Vice President of Marketing. “The TriWay TTC Nail System gives surgeons the best tools available to address these complex surgeries.”

Source: Company Press Release