IMRIS has received CE Mark approval to integrate the next generation magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) core technology into the VISIUS surgical theatre, clearing way for its sales and marketing in the EU region.


According to IMRIS, the latest generation imaging technology, based on the Siemens Aera 1.5T(tesla) and Skyra 3.0T MRI scanners, helps the company to deliver even better image quality, faster 3D image acquisition, and improved ease-of-use and workflow during surgical procedures using intraoperative MRI (iMRI).

IMRIS claims that this integration provides neurosurgeons using the system with the most advanced MR scanners for the highest intraoperative image quality and workflow in an operating room.

The US Food and Drug Administration had approved these advancements in February 2014.

IMRIS president and CEO Jay Miller said: "These high-field intraoperative scanner options will give a hospital’s clinical team state-of-the-art applications and image quality that increase productivity.

"We bring the latest and unequaled imaging technology into the operating room where it can make the most difference – during the surgery.

"More and more neurosurgical centers are using image guidance with VISIUS iMRI for an expanding list of conditions and procedures and adjunctive interventions beyond brain tumor resections, such as laser ablation for tumors and epilepsy using stereotactic tools, deep brain stimulation and other minimally-invasive techniques that are designed to improve patient outcomes."

Inside a VISIUS surgical theatre equipped with high-field iMRI, surgeons will have on-demand access to real-time data and imaging during the procedure as the scanner uniquely moves on ceiling-mounted rails, according to the company.

Image: The IMRIS VISIUS surgical theatre with iMRI has received CE mark for including Siemens Aera and Skyra MR technology. Photo: Courtesy of CNW Group/IMRIS Inc.