Claimed to be the first ceiling-mounted intraoperative CT solution available in the market, the device features a 64-slice scanner that uses ceiling-mounted rails to readily move into and out of the operating room during surgery in just about 30 seconds.

VISIUS iCT serves a surgical theater, providing personalized dose management along with diagnostic quality imaging during a surgical procedure, which will aid surgeons in making critical decisions.

The device also allows multiple room configurations, which can improve utilization while not compromising on image quality or speed of the examination.

Both patient transport and the need for floor-mounted rails as in other systems can be eliminated. It also enables unconstrained movement of surgical equipment and simplified infection control.

IMRIS CEO and president Jay D Miller noted this is another step in the company’s overall global launch after recent launch in the US.

"European Union spine surgeons now have the opportunity to use this unique solution in confirming implant placements, fusion and other complex procedures. As procedures become more minimally invasive, the need for better visualization with advanced imaging increases," Miller added.

A suite of software applications such as 3D volume rendering are part of the device, which is said to help surgeons visualize dosage before scan and adjust settings as per the specific clinical need with detailed dosage reports produced after each scan.

The company also received the FDA clearance for VISIUS iCT in the last month.

IMRIS sold VISIUS iCT to three major eastern US neurosciences centers with installations in progress at two of these centers.