It is claimed to the fifth generation immunohematology instrument which has high performance and gives clear test results with smaller foot print per throughput than similar devices in the global market.

The instrument has been designed to work optimally in small to mid-volume laboratory segments, offering total standardised workflow solutions for a laboratory. It is regarded as the ‘sister’ for Immucor’s another fully automated instrument NEO Iris, which works in larger volume testing settings.

Immucor chief marketing officer and vice president of international commercial operations said Keith Chaitoff said: “Whether a lab conducts five type and screens or 500 per day, every lab shares a critical goal to accurately pinpoint the best possible blood match for anyone that needs it.” 

Echo Lumena has improved capabilities including accuracy for enhanced reader module offering clearer and real time results with easy on-screen verification.

It has the flexibility for more process and reagent controls with high level technology that ensures maximum safety and security with increased capabilities for sensitivity and specificity. It also has the ability to load STAT samples on demand.

The company said the instrument can give out high performance through improved software functionalities and updates from Microsoft Operating System with security updates.

Echo Lumena has built-in integration for data management and support through the company’s comprehensive data management software solution, ImmuLINK. The software can aggregate all serology and molecular test results and generates a single report with complete donor and patient testing history.

It is also equipped with blud_direct, a bi-directional interface which enables 24/7 remote diagnostics and instrument support.

Immucor senior transfusion franchise director Christie Otis said: “With Echo Lumena, and with our NEO Iris, Immucor continues to empower more diverse lab settings to safely accelerate blood-related patient care decisions and help increase positive outcomes for more people around the globe.”