The agreements are with Beijing Beidestar Technology and Development Ltd. and Master Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Both companies will provide full market coverage for ImmersiveTouch products in neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

The distribution agreements call for an initial purchasing commitment for ImmersiveTouch simulation systems.

"The demand for our simulators in China has exceeded our expectations as surgeons have quickly realized the benefits of patient specific virtual reality imaging and simulations for resident training and pre-operative planning and rehearsal," said Jay Banerjee, COO, ImmersiveTouch.

"Our exclusive distribution partnerships will enable hospitals in China to utilize ImmersiveTouch technology more effectively and efficiently."

ImmersiveTouch is at the forefront of virtual reality and augmented reality applications in healthcare. The company is developing a new FDA-cleared digital surgery platform called MissionRehearsal® that allows surgeons to visualize patient anatomy by converting traditional black and white DICOM images into 3D virtual reality simulated surgeries.

Frost & Sullivan recently awarded MissionRehearsal® as the most innovative simulation technology in North America. There are currently more than 30 university hospitals utilizing ImmersiveTouch technology. The enterprise software is designed to reduce operating room cost and improve how patients interact with physicians.

ImmersiveTouch, Inc. is a leading augmented reality and virtual reality software company dedicated to improving healthcare.

The result is a digital surgery imaging platform that allows surgeons to simulate and plan critical surgeries using 3D imaging and tactile haptic feedback. ImmersiveTouch is collaborating with physicians, universities, medical societies, and industry partners to establish a new standard of care in surgery.