Imago Systems, an image visualisation software company, has signed a know-how license agreement with Mayo Clinic, a US-based non-profit academic medical centre.

The multi-year agreement is focused on clinical trial support for its ICE Reveal product for breast imaging, including financial investment from Mayo Clinic.

Under the agreement, a breast imaging research specialist at Mayo Clinic will lead Imago’s pilot and pivotal studies to clinically validate the visual intelligence software as applied to screening mammograms.

The involvement of Mayo Clinic is expected to play a major role in the evolution of the technology to enhance breast imaging across multiple imaging modalities.

According to a study, approximately 40% of women in the US have dense breast tissue, which is difficult to screen accurately with a mammogram alone.

Imago’s technology does not require additional radiation exposure

The visual intelligence software technology offered by Imago does not require additional radiation exposure and is capable of being an effective and safe tool for the fight against breast cancer.

In addition, Imago offers unique intelligent algorithms, which re-visualise grayscale images including mammograms to create new images that deliver greater levels of information and insight, or Visual Intelligence.

Imago said that its patent-pending technology is designed to optimise data for developing artificial intelligence, machine-learning, drug development and genomics to increase clinicians’ diagnostic confidence across all medical imaging modalities.

Imago Systems chairman and CEO Thomas Ramsay said: “We are very excited about our collaboration with Mayo Clinic, and its support in advancing our imaging technology for better care. Mayo Clinic is a leader in breast cancer detection and treatment, and an advocate for the use of technology to advance healthcare.

“Our technology puts more information into the hands of radiologists and clinicians so that they can make the best possible diagnosis. This agreement with Mayo Clinic will help validate our technology and provide us with a stepping stone for full commercialisation.”