Imaging Diagnostic Systems, a provider in laser optical breast imaging, has installed CT Laser Mammography (CTLM) system at Tata Memorial Hospital, the national comprehensive cancer centre in Mumbai, India.

Earlier this year, Dr Muhammad Emad, of Saqr Hospital, Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates gave a presentation to Tata Memorial Hospital on the CTLM system. As one of the physicians to work with the CTLM system, Dr Emad has implemented CTLM as part of his breast cancer management plan.

Dr Emad’s presentation focused on his personal research and the capable performance of the CTLM system in detecting breast cancer among his patients.

Anto Puthiry, the MD of High-Tech Healthcare Equipments and local distributor of Imaging Diagnostic Systems, said: “We are very pleased with the installation at Tata Memorial Hospital, and with their collaboration on the marketing campaign. It is very gratifying that India’s national comprehensive cancer center is working with the system and with our team to introduce leaders in radiology and patients to CTLM technology.”

Tata Memorial was founded in 1941 and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The hospital is recognised as the comprehensive cancer institute for all of India for prevention, treatment, education, and research on breast cancer.