Clinicians can directly visualize the heart using patient-centric hTEE technology and they can make better, faster treatment decisions for complex ICU patients. The application provides ICU bedside tutorials and support.

According to the company, the hTEE ClariTEE probe can be left indwelling for up to 72 hours so that clinicians can see the real-time effect on the heart of any dynamic adjustments in patient management.

The hTEE QuickStart mobile app, which runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, complements the company’s comprehensive hTEE training program and provides clinicians easy access to how-to videos, patient case reviews, and 24/7 customer support.

ImaCor president and CEO Peter Pellerito noted hTEE technology provides critical information when ICU clinicians need it most.

"We developed the hTEE QuickStart app to make it even easier to use hTEE technology. Now, critical care teams can access clinical support and education anywhere on a mobile device, including right at the ICU patient bedside," Pellerito added.

ImaCor’s hTEE QuickStart app is available for free download at the App Store and Google play.

Image: ImaCor’s TEE QuickStart mobile application for critical care. Photo: Courtesy of ImaCor, Inc.