Illumina has launched its Eco Real-Time PCR System, a platform to extend the access of real-time PCR applications to the individual bench scientist.

The Eco system sets new standards in performance and simplicity for qPCR and also offers access to a wide range of applications at one-quarter of the price of other commercially available, similarly featured, real-time PCR systems.

The Eco Real-Time PCR System offers true four-color multiplexing and High-Resolution Melting Analysis (HRM), use of all standard Real-Time PCR chemistries, and ability to perform fast PCR using standard chemistries, data quality and reproducibility with well-to-well uniformity five times that of other commercially-available, far more costly Real-Time PCR systems.

The system also offers a compact (approximately one cubic foot) design and 48-well plate format tailored to the needs of the individual researcher, ease of use and installation by both experienced and novice Real-Time PCR users, an intuitive, icon-driven software interface with smart default protocols.

In addition, with a US list price of $13,900, the system is accessible to individual researchers around the world.

Christian Henry, senior vice president and general manager of life sciences at Illumina, said: “We are excited to launch the Eco Real-Time PCR System, which we believe will set new standards for performance, simplicity and affordability.

“The system will enable us to address a broad range of applications and markets and is highly complementary to our industry-leading sequencing and array platforms.”