Idaho Technology has launched a new Razor Simulant Training Kit (SIM 10) that provides functional training for Razor EX and Razor operators.

The 10 Target Screen Kit is a reagent kit designed for use with the Razor EX or Razor instrument that detects 10 CDC category A and category B agents like Anthrax, Brucella, C Botulinum, Coxiella, E coli 0157, Tularemia, Ricin, Salmonella, Smallpox and Plague.

The new SIM 10 Kit is formatted similar to The 10 Target Screen Kit (The 10), and contains assays for yeast and bacillus globigii (Bg), which are frequently used as powder or anthrax simulants in training exercises.

Idaho said that the SIM 10 is available for sale and allows trainees to practice sample collection and preparation, pouch loading and operating the Razor EX or Razor biodetection instrument, including data analysis.

Idaho Technology Marketing and Sales vice-president Rachel Jones said that the first responders are called upon frequently to respond to White Powder Threats, and they need the best equipment with proper training to effectively respond and make good, timely decisions.

“The SIM 10 Kit provides the training they need to make these decisions in response to credible biological threats,” Jones said.