Medical device company Icon Interventional Systems has received the CE Mark for the Nuloy Coronary Stent System, which is made from a proprietary Molybdenum and Rhenium (MoRe) alloy.

The nickel-free MoRe material is 99.9% pure with superior strength and density as compared to standard stent materials such as stainless steel and cobalt chromium.

Icon International said MoRe allows the fabrication of a stent platform which has extremely thin struts, superior flexibility, improved deliverability and lower profile, while not compromising radial strength or visibility.

The new material allows a stent with strut thickness of 63 microns, said the company.

The Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta MD David Kandzari, who has participated in the pre-clinical studies of stent deliverability offers, believes that the new stent will offer the potential of a new standard in deliverability, due to the extremely thin struts, flexibility and low profile.

"Importantly, the stent has radiographic visibility and radial strength equivalent to much bulkier devices," Kandzari said.

Icon International is developing distribution and manufacturing options for commercial sale of the Nuloy Stent System in the European community.