With IORT, a full course of radiation therapy is delivered to the patient in the operating room immediately following lumpectomy, replacing six to eight weeks of daily traditional radiation.

Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy system is designed to deliver localized, non-radioactive, isotope-free radiation treatment in a minimally-shielded clinical setting under the supervision of a radiation oncologist.

iCAD president and CEO Ken Ferry said the growing adoption and utilization of the Xoft system further validates that IORT is an attractive alternative for the treatment of early stage breast cancer because of its compelling benefits to patients.

"By offering IORT with the Xoft System, hospitals are able to expand their comprehensive breast care programs by providing appropriate patients with the option to complete a full dose of radiation therapy in a single treatment," Ferry added.

Rose Medical Center director of Breast Services, Sarah Cannon/HealthONE Dr Barbara Schwartzberg said the Xoft system provides patients with a treatment option that helps mitigate the logistical burdens often associated with a traditional course of radiation treatment.

A multi-center, clinical trial evaluating the safety, efficacy and cosmetic outcomes associated with IORT for early-stage breast cancer with the Xoft system is currently underway at hospitals across the US.