iCAD, a provider of advanced image analysis and workflow solutions for the early detection of cancer, has launched an MRI product suite for breast, prostate, and other organs.

ICAD said that the product suite brings together its current products SpectraLook and VividLook with the new OmniLook and VersaVue Enterprise, to offer a comprehensive quantitative image analysis suite for cancer detection, staging, localization, treatment planning and serial monitoring.Advanced workflow and analysis tools simplify and streamline case review.

The MRI Product suite features include integrated 3D/4D displays for rapid, efficient interpretation, colorized displays on any underlying MR sequence, fast and efficient creation of customized hanging protocols, instant creation of 2D, 3D, MIP and MPR images from any image in the viewport on the fly and advanced image manipulation icons in each viewport.

VersaVue Enterprise employs advanced thin client architecture to deliver real-time data access and eliminates the need to purchase redundant hardware. The software features on-demand viewing of studies anytime, anywhere to speed workflow as well as shared knowledge of study status from a single, shared database.

OmniLook, a complementary software module to iCAD’s existing breast MR (SpectraLook) and prostate MR (VividLook) solutions, applies advanced image analysis using a pharmacokinetic model for other organs of interest, such as liver, kidney and brain where dynamic contrast imaging may provide additional clinical insight. OmniLook gives clinicians the full flexibility to meet the clinical needs of a growing practice.

Rick Ortega, director of MRI programs at iCAD, said: “iCAD is 100% focused on developing and providing the most sophisticated image analysis solutions to help clinicians increase specificity and diagnostic confidence. The new advanced MRI product suite will improve workflow efficiencies to aid in expedient clinical decision making and treatment for patients, with an ultimate goal of delivering improved patient care.”