The JED is an externally applied, non-invasive device which assists the provider in maintaining an open airway in patients who are sedated or anesthetised and whose breathing may therefore be compromised. Convenient and easy-to apply, the JED lifts the patient’s head to flex the neck and elevates the mandible while rotating the head backwards, creating the classic sniffing position.

The JED will be used in Monitored Anesthesia Care cases or in other situations where the airway may be compromised. At present, clinicians manage the airway in these cases manually by holding the patients’ jaws. The JED assists the clinician in keeping the airway open hands free. It is applicable in operating rooms, office practices, oral surgery/dental offices, interventional radiology suites, MRIs or ambulances.

April King, CEO of Hypnoz, said: “LMA is the world leader in the marketing and development of the LMA laryngeal mask airway. They represent an excellent partner for the distribution of the JED as a non-invasive airway support solution.”

Steven Block, president and CEO of LMA North America, said: “The JED complements our airway management portfolio and strategically leverages our experienced sales force by offering yet another innovative airway management tool to share with our customers.”

William Mazzei, CMO of Hypnoz, said: “Approximately one-third of the 38 million surgical procedures in the US require an anesthesia care provider to provide sedation while manually supporting the airway. Hypnoz believes that the JED will be used as the ‘hands-free’ solution in all of these cases and will become the standard of care for airway protection when sedation or anesthesia is required but the procedure does not necessitate an endotracheal tube or layrngeal mask airway.”