The MTWA-CAD trial is a pilot study expected to enroll up to 200 patients. The company estimates that the enrollments will be completed by mid-2011. The study is designed to determine if Cambridge Heart’s MTWA testing can enhance current diagnostic methods for detecting ischemia in patients with underlying coronary artery disease.

Cambridge Heart had filed a patent application related to ischemia in December 2009.

Edward Kosinski, a cardiologist at cardiology physicians in Bridgeport, CT and medical director of Connecticut Clinical Research, said: “Today, we use MTWA to determine if a patient is at increased risk for potentially fatal arrhythmias, but the test may also have value in detecting underlying coronary artery disease. This study will help us to determine if MTWA can detect blood flow problems as well as electrical problems in the heart.”

Ali Haghighi-Mood, CEO of Cambridge Heart, said: “This study is an important first step in determining if MTWA can help identify hidden ischemia in patients with suspected coronary artery disease. If proven, we believe it could set a new standard for cardiac stress testing.”