HyperBranch Medical Technology, a developer of surgical sealants, has obtained CE mark approval for Adherus AutoSpray Dural Sealant.

Adherus AutoSpray is a delivery system which delivers the company’s dural sealant used in cranial and spine surgeries to prevent cerebrospinal fluid leaks, following the dural repair.

HyperBranch Medical Technology president and chief executive officer John Conn said Adherus AutoSpray is a self-contained bioadhesive spray applicator that eliminates cumbersome preparation steps for the scrub nurse and helps the surgeon to effortlessly start and stop dispensing without concern for clogging.

"It not only provides a watertight seal but acts as an adhesion barrier to limit scarring, a major advantage if subsequent surgery is required," Conn added.

Adherus products are synthetic hydrogels which polymerize in a moist field, flow optimally depending on the application, and biodegrade as the tissue heals.