The d-Nav system automatically updates insulin dosage as needed and facilitates the appropriate dosage immediately.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that insulin therapy is more effective when it is frequently adjusted based on an individual’s blood glucose patterns.

The company said South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust’s Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland will conduct a six-month d-Nav service evaluation, under the direction of Roy Harper.

In addition, the Heart of England Foundation Trust and the University of Birmingham are co-sponsoring a year-long observational study at the Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, under the direction of Martin Stevens.

Ulster Hospital evaluation lead Roy Harper said studies to date with DIGS have demonstrated the technology’s potential to bridge the gap between knowledge and more effective health care delivery to more people."

"d-Nav may provide the crucial ‘missing link’," Harper added,

"d-Nav updates each patient’s insulin dosage using their own individual insulin therapy regimen and their glucose patterns."