Hydromer and N8 Medical have entered into a strategic agreement to develop and commercialize new class of antimicrobial coatings.

Under the terms of the agreement, both the companies seek to capitalize on Hydromer’s medical grade polymeric coating technology in combination with N8 Medical’s patented Ceragenins synthetic peptidomimetic compounds.

Testing has shown that coating approaches combining Hydromer technology and Ceragenins are effective in combating biofilms and a broad spectrum of microbes, and thus have the potential to reduce hospital-acquired infections.

Ceragenins compounds, licensed from Brigham Young University, including CSA-13 has also demonstrated the ability to both prevent and eradicate bacterial and fungal biofilms.

Both the companies are planning to file for regulatory approvals of products that combine the Hydromer technology and Ceragenin technology.

N8 Medical chief executive officer David Richards said the combination of technologies has gained potential in the antimicrobial medical coatings space and the potential to achieve dramatic savings for healthcare systems.

"Our results to date have been exceptional and we are thrilled to partner with Hydromer to swiftly advance this technology to market," Richards added.