EverEdge 2.0 scalers, which were developed by using proprietary heat treatment process and enhanced finishing techniques, can be resharpened at any point to extend their life.

Different EverEdge 2.0 instruments include original EverEdge diamond-knurled, large-diameter handle, Resin 8 Colors handle, as well as lightweight resin handle that features color-coded system to easily identify scalers and curettes that correspond to areas of the mouth.

Hu-Friedy CEO and board chairman Ron Saslow said: "Hu-Friedy introduced our original EverEdge scalers ten years ago to satisfy practitioners’ desire for a sharper instrument that lasts longer.

"While EverEdge scalers quickly became, and remain, the top selling scaler brand in the world, we challenged ourselves to develop an even more advanced instrument to help practitioners perform at their best."

The firm has employed an independent third-party laboratory specializing in blade technology, Catra, to carry out a detailed scientific sharpness test.

According to the firm, the test results show that EverEdge 2.0 is 72% sharper out of the box than the next closest competitor.

Established in 1908, Hu-Friedy produces dental instruments and products, which are distributed in around 75 countries across the globe.

Image: Hu-Friedy EverEdge 2.0 Instruments. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.