The Plating system provides temporary stability during spinal fusion procedures.

The system features a narrow hour-glass plate design which provides lateral graft visualization and reduces the amount of tissue retraction required for implantation.

The screwdriver handle is designed with three flats that are orientated to the three flats on the locking screw head and provides easy alignment and locking confirmation.

The tri-cam locking mechanism and instrumentation provide a streamlined approach to anterior cervical fusion.

Integra’s Cervical portfolio includes the Manta Ray Anterior Cervical Plate, Sonoma Anterior Cervical Plate, Atoll Posterior Cervical System, Sierra Posterior Fusion System, Vu cPOD Intervertebral Body Fusion Device, Cambria Intervertebral Body Device, Capistrano Allograft Spacer, and the Zuma-CTM Anterior Cervical Fixation System.