Health Robotics said that the new Canadian marketing contracts are complimentary to
HRCI’s multi-faceted partnership agreement with McKesson Automation, guaranteeing
the sale, manufacturing, installation, and support of i.v.Station and i.v.Soft in
North America.

The company said that the time and expense that Canadian hospitals experience with
the installation and implementation of i.v.Soft and i.v.Station, can be reduced by
facilitating optimized i.v.Station and i.v.Soft for the Canadian vial formats, vial sizes,
vial labels, and specific gravity data.

Werner Rainer, CEO of Health Robotics, said: “Everyone at Health Robotics is very
proud to collaborate with these two market-leading Canadian companies, with one of the
highest growth rates among the largest manufacturers of generic injectable pharmaceutical
products in Canada and one of the most entrepreneurial Medical Device Technology
companies in Canada.”

Denis Nadeau, president of Sphynx Medical, said: “I foresee that the introduction
of i.v.Station and i.v.Soft will dramatically improve the process of Intra venous (I.V.)
sterile preparations at Canadian hospitals, deriving at least similar clinical and
financial benefits that I witnessed 20 years ago, when I led the market introduction of
the first automated oral packaging device in Canada.”

Gordon Meyer, vice president of hospital division at Sandoz Canada, said: “As a
leader in injectable drugs in Canada, our objective is to facilitate the safe and effective
preparation and administration of injectable medications to ensure patient safety.

“With this marketing collaboration agreement with Sphynx Medical and Health Robotics,
we hope to contribute to the development of business solutions to help our customers cope
with some of the more interesting challenges in the hospital pharmacy.”