HP has introduced new product solutions and applications to help advance telehealth adoption and accessibility for healthcare organizations and patients.

HP is working with LifeBot to provide a complete EMS telemedicine solution delivered through the HP Slate 500 tablet PC and HP TouchSmart 9100 all-in-one PC.

The HP TouchSmart 9100 with LifeBot DREAMS enables any neurologist, trauma surgeon or other emergency medical specialist to obtain immediate remote video, voice and data connections from the ambulance or remote location.

HP has partnered with Canvys to deliver advanced display systems for patient monitoring, bio-medical displays, ultrasound, cardiac imaging and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

HP and Canvys also now integrate with Medweb to provide a complete virtual PACS solution that ensures the high-quality images are available on cloud-hosting for healthcare professionals who need to access them.

Medweb’s solution offers a cloud-hosted imaging and data repository that is designed for fast, substantial storage for physicians and specialists.

Parental Health’s Medical Information Systems To You (MISTY) software application on HP TouchSmart PCs gives users the ability to easily measure health indicators, track daily medication dosages and enter wellness updates.

HP Healthcare and Personal Systems Group vice president Chris Mertens said through their close collaboration with innovative technology leaders, HP telehealth solutions bring physicians and care givers to the point of care, regardless of their location, with fast, reliable and enhanced secure technology.