The acquisition, which also includes Performance Optics' subsidiaries VISION EASE and Daemyung Optical, strengthens global HOYA Vision Care business.

With around 2,000 employees, Performance Optics manufactures various lenses, including polycarbonate, photochromic, polarized and high index eyeglass lenses.

The company has manufacturing facilities in the US, Korea, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Vision Ease produces polycarbonate, photochromic and polarized lenses, while Daemyung Optical is specialized in high-index plastic lenses.

Hoya Vision Care CEO Girts Cimermans said: "The acquisition of Performance Optics expands HOYA's customer reach, particularly through Vision Ease’s presence in the Americas and its strengths in polycarbonate products and technologies.

"Performance Optics provides HOYA with additional capabilities in polycarbonate, photochromic and polarized lens technologies, as well as an expansion of our global footprint in high index lens casting to reinforce our position as a global technology leader in lens manufacturing.”

Performance Optics CEO John Weber said: "Performance Optics' subsidiaries, Vision Ease and Daemyung Optical, have capabilities and cultures of innovation, quality and service that strongly complement HOYA's footprint and long-standing reputation in the eyewear industry.”

Hoya supplies medical products, including eyeglasses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses.

Hoya Vision Care produces Seiko and Pentax optical lenses, as well as Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ progressive lenses and Yuniku, vision-centric 3D tailored eyewear.

With around 16,000 employees, the company operates production facilities in Asia and Europe.

Image: Hoya to acquire Wind Point Partners portfolio company Performance Optics. Photo: courtesy of / adamr.