The Keeper Catheter combines a compliant embolectomy balloon with its proprietary VisioValve technology, located at the distal end of the device, allows the physician to inject fluids such as contrast or thrombolytics directly to the intended location of visualization or treatment.

By combining the two frequently used tasks into one device, the Keeper Catheter allows a physician to maintain guidewire position for an entire case.

The Keeper Catheter is one of Hotspur’s first three commercially available products, all of which are based upon the VisioValve technology, which enables physicians to complete two frequently needed tasks with one balloon catheter and the multi-functionality may allow physicians to complete cases in a more time-efficient and cost-effective fashion.

Hotspur president and CEO Gwen Watanabe said the successful introduction of the Keeper Catheter into the marketplace shows Hotspur’s focus on effectively delivering solutions that help potentially reduce case complexity while being responsive to physicians’ changing needs.