Hologic has also showcased the MammoSite ML (multi-lumen) system at the meeting.

The MammoSite ML device, with its multi-lumen design, gives radiation oncologists the ability to shape the radiation dose for typical cases and treat patients who are otherwise not appropriate candidates for traditional brachytherapy, Hologic said.

Hologic claims that the ASBS Registry Trial represents the largest compilation of MammoSite patients to date and demonstrates promising results for breast cancer patients.

The ASBS Registry Trial concludes that treatment efficacy, cosmesis, and toxicity with accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using the MammoSite device are good and similar to those reported with other forms of APBI with similar follow-up.

Hologic Interventional Breast Solutions business vice president and general manager Carter Houghton said that the five-year ASBS Registry findings are a significant milestone for the MammoSite technology.

“We look forward to expanding the utilisation of accelerated partial breast irradiation by breast cancer patients that may have previously been disqualified for treatment,” Houghton said.