US-based medical technology company Hologic announced that its Cynosure division has launched two new products TempSure Firm handpiece and a petite mask for SculpSure submental treatments, to expand its growing portfolio of innovative aesthetic treatments.

29July - Hologic

Image: TempSure Firm handpiece is the latest addition to the TempSure platform. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.

The TempSure Firm handpiece marks the latest addition to the TempSure platform, which facilitates safe treatment for larger areas of the body at a faster rate, avoiding surgery or downtime.

Hologic has designed the 60mm handpiece to deliver monopolar radiofrequency energy through unique massage heads, for gentle heating of tissue and temporarily reducing the cellulite appearance.

The company said that its TempSure Firm handpiece involves an expandable technology that facilitates surgical and non-surgical aesthetic performed in single convenient 300W, 4MHz device.

In addition, the TempSure platform is set to serve the practitioners across a various specialties, including plastic surgery, dermatology, gynecology and ophthalmology.

Hologic Cynosure division president Erik Anderson said: “The TempSure Firm handpiece enhances the functionality and versatility of our already cutting-edge TempSure radiofrequency platform.

“The larger 60 mm handpiece allows practitioners to further expand and differentiate their practices, while treating more patients seeking to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. These launches are prime examples of the continuous innovation we are committed to in order to best serve our patients and providers.”

Cynosure has secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its petite submental mask, which attaches to the SculpSure platform that allows performing WarmSculpting Profile treatments of submental fat on patients with a narrow jawline.

Hologic said that the selective wavelength laser of the SculpSure device is aimed at fat cells under the skin and raises the temperature of body fat to disrupt and destroy these cells, which are naturally eliminated over time and do not return.

In addition, the WarmSculpting treatments using SculpSure are clinically proven, non-surgical body contouring treatments designed to permanently eliminate fat cells in problem areas, and are advised for patients with a BMI up to 49 the highest BMI clearance for submental treatments.

Anderson added: “The WarmSculpting Profile treatment was already a game changer for addressing the double chin, and after listening to customer feedback, we are excited to introduce the petite mask — the latest evolution of the cutting-edge SculpSure device.

“Our clinicians tell us almost 20 percent of their patients have smaller, narrow jawlines, and with the new petite mask, they can help even more men and women feel their best with non-surgical fat reduction in that area. The updated BMI clearance of 49 for all submental treatments is a clear competitive advantage and underscores our market-leader status in the body contouring category.”