Hitachi Medical Systems America has introduced HI Vision Preirus ultrasound scanner in the US.

Preirus is the ultrasound system using Cell Processor technology and ‘Smart Touch’ operation featuring a touch screen integrated with the LCD display for increased scanning efficiency and is complemented by a wide selection of transducers for every clinical need.

Each probe is engineered with application-specific crystal array characteristics and architecture, from Hitachi’s V53W transvaginal probe with its slender design and 200° field of view to its 4D volumetric imaging probes, both linear and curved, or its laparoscopic probe with a thin insertion shaft enabling the use of a 10mm trochar.

The Preirus also supports advanced imaging with optional features of Real-time Tissue Elastography, which applies the fundamental concept of palpation to ultrasound imaging and Real-time Virtual Sonography, which correlates MRI, CT or ultrasound volumes to a live ultrasound exam and displays them both side by side in real-time during scanning.

Ultrasound marketing manager Matthew Ernst said that although Preirus is just being released to the US market, it has been available in Europe and Japan for more than a year and is proving to be one of the most successful scanners in Hitachi’s long history of ultrasound products.