Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and AVIA announced HX360, a new co-developed initiative.

HX360 was created to improve the way that health care is delivered by both inspiring and facilitating the adoption and use of next generation (non-EHR Platform) technologies by provider organizations, in areas where health system executives are passionate to combine the right mix of resources, processes and technologies.

HX360 will provide a series of solutions and services to support health systems adoption of next generation technologies. This includes identifying key Contemporary Provider Challenges, which are areas of health care delivery identified in partnership with health systems that could immediately benefit from these new technologies.

HX360 is also developing the HX360 Index, a new tool to help health system leaders calibrate their preparedness for tackling current challenges in health care delivery using new technologies. HX360 is partnering with related member organizations to serve as a content resource.

"Globally, health system leaders are looking to reinvent care delivery to not just treat illness, but manage the overall health of entire populations," said Dr. Roy Smythe, chief executive officer, HX360. "HX360 seeks to close the gaps that exist between the needs of health care leaders and the new technologies that have been created and will continue to evolve, or what we are referring to as next generation technologies."

"While platform technologies such as the electronic medical record have set the stage for improving health care delivery via more effective data collection, these technologies have also not substantially changed the way that clinical care is delivered. HX360 was created to help bring about meaningful change in clinical care delivery is using next generation technology" Smythe said.

In addition to the proprietary HX360 Index and identification of current Contemporary Provider Challenges, HX360 will offer exclusive, ongoing forums for health system executives to promote and test the actions and initiatives necessary to bring changes to health care delivery, including HX360’s inaugural event, April 12-15, 2015 in Chicago.