Hepregen has announced the commercial launch of its first HepatoPac kit, designed specifically for toxicology applications, at the Society of Toxicology's 53rd Annual Meeting.

The kit contains one or more standard 96-well tissue culture plates featuring specially configured micro-patterned human liver cells co-cultured with stromal cells.

The liver cells (hepatocytes) on these plates mirror the behavior of liver cells in the body, enabling scientists to generate data that can be useful for prediction of toxic responses to chemical agents, including drug candidates. The application-directed platform also provides a tool for the study of the mechanisms leading to such responses.

Hepregen CEO Dr Vincent Zurawski noted that this new kit is the first version of a human HepatoPac application-directed kit that is focused on the in vitro toxicology market.

"In the coming months, aiming to serve this growing market, Hepregen also expects to be introducing more advanced HepatoPacâ„¢ toxicology products, some of which are currently in development.

"The launch adds another product to the company’s portfolio, which includes human, rat, monkey, human triple-donor and rat-human HepatoPacâ„¢ application-directed kits for metabolite identification and profiling, and a recently introduced human kit to evaluate metabolic stability," Dr Zurawski added.