Henry Schein Medical, the US medical business of Henry Schein announced today its new private label-branded product, OneStep + Pro Hb Analyzer, a portable, reagent-free hemoglobin analyzer, which measures hemoglobin concentration as a result of a fingerstick blood test.

25Apr - PR1

Image: Henry Schein Medical has launched private label-branded product OneStep + Pro Hb analyzer. Photo: Courtesy of Belova59 from Pixabay.

Distributed in the United States, the analyzer can quickly determine low or high levels of hemoglobin, making it possible for practitioners to determine why a patient may be fatigued or not feeling well.

“We have been working diligently to expand our private label portfolio with cost-effective, high-quality solutions our customers can rely on to meet their practice and patient needs,” said Brad Connett, President, U.S. Medical Group, Henry Schein.

“With the addition of OneStep + Pro Hb Analyzer, customers at physicians’ offices, clinics and other non-traditional laboratory locations can deliver quick and convenient tests thanks to a premier analyzer with reliable, laboratory-quality performance.”

The OneStep + Pro Hb Analyzer provides clinicians at Physician Office Labs, Family/Internal Medicine clinics, OB/GYN Centers, Pediatric clinics, Planned Parenthoods, Community Health Centers and Urgent Cares with accurate hemoglobin and hematocrit measurements within three seconds of collecting a blood sample in a cuvette – a straight-sided, optically clear container for holding liquid samples – and inserting into the analyzer.

This helps ensure fast results for patient health checks and anemia screening at the point-of-care setting.

Source: Company Press Release.