HemoBioTech has secured new patent US 7,759,306 B2, 'Methods of Treating Acute Blood Loss.' The company has received an exclusive worldwide license from Texas Tech University to commercialise the technology. The new patent continues to May 16, 2026.

The new patent involves HemoTech, which induces the production of new red blood cells in the body by stabilising a cell factor called Hif-1 alpha and also helps in treating acute blood loss and anemia in trauma, surgery, cancer, kidney disease and heart disease.

HemoTech, composed of modified bovine hemoglobin, also has the advantage of delivering oxygen to tissue in the body. The combination of delivering oxygen and inducing new red blood cells helps in treating trauma, elective surgery in third world countries plagued with a high incidence of HIV or Hepatitis contaminated blood and for use by the military and homeland security.

HemoTech has been used in an initial clinical study to treat children afflicted with sickle cell anemia, with no apparent side affects.

Arthur Bollon, chief executive officer of HemoBioTech, said: “HemoTech addresses a multi-billion dollar market for treatment of acute blood loss and anemia with the potential advantage of fewer side affects and the ability to deliver oxygen in acute situations. The major advance in HemoTech is the presence of Adenosine which has anti-inflammatory activity.”