US-based healthcare firm Helomics is set to introduce its fourth generation tumor profiling offering Precision Cellular Analytical Platform (PCAP) in April.

The new platform will allow the company to collaborate with partners in pharma, diagnostics, biotech, academia, and government to identify and develop new treatment markers and companion diagnostics, as well as new anti-cancer therapies.

PCAP platform will also help the company to enter into nutrigenomics and proteomics in the wellness and prevention markets.

Helomics president and CEO Neil Campbell said: "The ability to analyze a patient’s proliferating tumor cells through the analytical tests that comprise our proprietary PCAP platform enables us to examine tumor biology more thoroughly while allowing us to augment that analysis with genomics and proteomics information, providing a more comprehensive tumor profile."

The PCAP platform includes suite of tests, which allows to profile gene regulation, protein expression and cellular morphology over time. It holds the ability to grow primary human tumors in tissue culture.

Physicians and researchers can send tumor specimens to Helomics who utilize proprietary methods to grow the patient’s tumor, which allows the temporal analysis of gene and protein expression associated with tumor cell proliferation, tumor cell death, drug response, and/or drug toxicity.

Part of the PCAP System, ChemoFx is a treatment marker for cancer patients that quantifies an individual gynecologic cancer patient’s probable outcome when treated with various chemotherapeutic and biologic therapies.

It offers both degree of efficacy and a personalized comprehensive profile of the patient’s tumor.