The DEFENDER Live Cell Liquid Biopsy System leverages Helomics’ 15 years experience and proprietary science in the ex vivo multi-dimensional culture of human primary or recurrent tumor cells in combination with Helomics’ extensive genomic and proteomic analytical capabilities and expertise.

The result is a research and discovery platform that will be used to further enhance Helomics’ tumor biology research and the development of clinical test efforts with collaborators and partner-clients in academia, and in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

Neil J. Campbell, President & CEO of Helomics, said, "The DEFENDER Live Cell Liquid Biopsy System is an important clinical research and soon to be clinical tool that will lead to a better understanding of the biophysical processes involved in tumor cell shedding, and to the rapid identification and development of new anti-cancer therapies, new treatment markers, and companion diagnostics.

"We can view and analyze the real-time evolution of tumor metastasis during the proliferation cell cycling of a patient’s tumor. Using our DEFENDER and CellFx platforms, Helomics can investigate fundamental questions of tumor biochemistry, pathology, and gene and protein expression.

"The combination of these two powerful platforms enables a comprehensive study of the biology of tumors on a highly personalized basis."

The core of both the DEFENDER™ System and CellFx™ platform is Helomics’ ability to grow live human tumors in a proprietary multi-dimensional tissue culture system.

Both platforms permit the temporal analysis of cellular shedding, gene expression, and protein expression associated with tumor cell proliferation, tumor cell death, drug response, and/or drug toxicity.

Helomics’ proprietary ability to grow human tumors in culture has been meticulously refined for more than 15 years and is currently in its fourth generation of tumor biology elucidation.

The PCAP™ platform is the basis of Helomics’ comprehensive tumor profiling capability. The platform consists of a suite of technologies for the live and fixed cell analysis of changes in a tumor’s gene regulation, protein expression, and cellular morphology over time or with treatment.

Helomics® is a comprehensive personalized healthcare company, bringing the next generation of diagnostics to the oncology field.