Waterbury Orthopaedic is an orthopaedic practice in the Greater Waterbury, US, that provides orthopaedic care, diagnostic and treatment services for full spectrum of orthopaedic problems.

Waterbury Orthopaedic Associates spokesperson Eric Olson said my colleagues in other practices have adopted the SRS’ EHR and speak about their experiences with the software, its impact on productivity and quality of care, and other service they receive from SRS.

"The SRS EHR enhances our office-wide workflow and will equip us to capture clinical data and attest to meaningful use without disrupting our productivity," Olson added.

SRSsoft CEO Evan Steele said, "We will continue to develop our technology so that it not only meets, but also exceeds, the expectations of high-performance specialists."

SRS provides EHR technology and services via the unified desktop, the EHR, SRS CareTracker PM and SRS PACS.