KITE is the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and one of the principle research enterprises at the University Health Network (UHN), Canada’s largest medical research hospital


Helius Medical, University Health Network (UHN) collaborate on PoNS Device. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.)

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:HSDT) (TSX:HSM) (“Helius” or the “Company”), a neurotech company focused on neurological wellness, announces that it has entered into an agreement with the University Health Network (UHN) to perform a clinical experience program to enable it and three independent neurorehabilitation clinics in Canada to evaluate the Company’s Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS™) device, in conjunction with physical therapy, on patients with chronic balance deficit due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (“mmTBI”) in Canada.

“When innovative technologies that have received Health Canada approval such as the PoNS device are deployed in Canada, it is important for the medical and healthcare establishment to have an opportunity to gain experience with the technologies to help decide the extent to which they can be incorporated into their clinical practices. It also provides an opportunity for a large medical research hospital such as University Health Network to work with other healthcare clinics to build a strong and extensive network of medical institutions that can accelerate clinical knowledge, experience and deployment of innovative technologies in Canada,” said Dr. Milos Popovic, Director of The KITE Research Institute (KITE), a research institute within University Health Network.

“As the PoNS device is relatively new in Canada, we are pleased that Helius supports our desire to evaluate its technology under a clinical program to help determine the extent to which the technology can form part of clinical practice in treating patients with chronic balance deficit due to mmTBI. Canadian patients wishing to participate in this clinical program which utilizes the PoNS technology can call (416) 597-3422 extension 6340 or visit to determine if they would qualify,” said Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan, Affiliate Scientist at KITE, and lead scientist in the PoNS clinical program at KITE.

“We are honored that University Health Network, through KITE, is participating with Helius in this clinical program and coordinating clinical activities with independent neurorehabilitation centers in Canada. This clinical experience program will help us understand how this technology can fit in the treatment of patients who have suffered a mmTBI resulting in a chronic balance deficit,” said Philippe Deschamps, Chief Executive Officer of Helius.

Source: Company Press Release