With the certification, HEI has gained rights to produce circuit boards using Integral’s revolutionary dielectric films from its flex and rigid flex high performance manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona, US.

HEI vice president and general manager Bill Sezate was quoted by pcb007 as saying that the company searches for materials that allow it to produce exacting PCB boards for new applications.

"The new Zeta materials allow us to rethink how printed circuit boards are made," Sezate added.

Zeta materials includes Zeta films, copper-clad Zeta Cap, a high Tg C-stage dielectric film which eliminate pad cratering in circuit board assembly, as well as Zeta Lam, a related dielectric film that allows ultra-thin HDI buildup layers (down to 12 microns) with improved thickness uniformity and transmission line performance.

Integral president Ken Parent said the company is looking forward to partner with HEI and the team in Tempe.

"Integral Technology has been fortunate to partner with the world’s best fabricators as we introduce our Zeta materials to the marketplace," Parent added.

"As a leader in the manufacture of medical device manufacturing, HEI recognizes the importance of high performance materials like Zeta.

"Certification ensures our product can meet the demands of OEMs and that requires flawless execution of our installation procedures."