HEART UK has accepted the use of Polymer Technology Systems' CardioChek as the point-of-care system for lipid testing in a nationwide health screening program.

The CardioChek test system, which reads total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (calculated), and glucose levels, provides results in less than two minutes.

Polymer Technology said its CardioChek system is represented in the UK by BHR Pharmaceuticals, a specialty distributor of point-of-care medical diagnostics.

BHR Pharmaceuticals sales director Andrew Greaves said, "He is delighted that HEART UK has approved CardioChek as a screening tool in the national "Health-Check" program, and he is confident that HEART UK’s acknowledgment will generate great interest within primary care organizations."

Polymer Technology Systems president and CEO Robert Huffstodt said HEART UK is respected for the work they do in cholesterol awareness and testing, and recognition of the CardioChek system as a useful point-of-care screening tool is significant to its.

"With HEART UK’s dedication to healthcare and our proficiency in providing fast, reliable test results, I am confident our partnership will effectively detect and help to moderate the risk factors for heart disease in the United Kingdom," Huffstodt added.