Zoll Medical (Zoll), a manufacturer of medical devices, and HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HealthTrust) has entered into a purchasing agreement with Zoll for its therapeutic temperature management equipment.

Under the terms of the agreement, HealthTrust members will be able to purchase Zoll’s intravascular temperature management (IVTM) system, which includes the Thermogard XP temperature management console and a family of cooling/warming catheters with triple lumen central venous capability.

The company said that IVTM provides cooling and warming from a catheter inserted into the patient’s vein. This provides control of the core body temperature by direct cooling or warming the patient’s blood as it circulates through the body. Since it is efficient, precise and easy to use, IVTM frees up nursing time.

IVTM provides a variety of catheter options depending upon the patient needs. It is suited for the temperature management of fever, intracranial pressure control and induced hypothermia. IVTM is also effective for therapeutic warming as required in treating trauma, burns, perioperative procedures and accidental hypothermia.

Richard Packer, chairman and CEO of Zoll, said: “We are pleased that this large group purchasing organization, which has high member commitment to buying products under its contracts, recognizes the advantages of our IVTM solution, and is offering its members the opportunity to incorporate this technology to improve the treatment of critical care patients.”