Healthpoint has acquired two cell-based technologies from Intercytex along with the corresponding intellectual property (including patents), validated fibroblast and keratinocyte cell banks, and related production and testing equipment.

The therapeutic candidates acquired include Cyzact, human dermal fibroblasts delivered via a fibrin sheet and produced utilizing a streamlined manufacturing process as compared to similar products and ICX-SKN, a combination of fibroblasts and fibrin matrix that are remodeled to produce a collagen matrix that allows the engineered tissue to remain intact in a wound environment.

Cyzact is a topical wound care product comprised of active, allogeneic human dermal fibroblasts embedded in a human fibrin gel matrix. The product is designed to stimulate active repair and closure in persistent chronic wounds.

The validated cell banks and equipment will be transferred to Healthpoint’s cell-based manufacturing facility in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is authorized by Swissmedic (the Swiss Regulatory Agency) for the production of both allogeneic cell therapies and autologous tissue products.

The acquired technologies will join two other cell-based therapies in the Healthpoint portfolio, Keragraf, one of the human stem cell-derived products developed for wound care (an autologous epidermal equivalent) and the biologic treatment, HP802-247 (a cell therapy spray suspension), which entered into Phase IIb evaluation in the US previously, said the company.

ICX-SKN is an early stage technology that has been designed to replace autologous skin grafts in severe burn patients, eliminating the need for tissue excision, skin grafting and creation of donor site wounds, which can lead to additional scars and risk of infection.

ICX-SKN provides an architecture that is sufficiently durable to integrate and persist in burns, and provide immediate and long-term closure that is robust enough to withstand the proteases present during wound repair, said the company.