HealthLinx has expanded its collaboration with the University of Liverpool to assess the utility of its proprietary biomarkers for other indications. The University will provide blood samples for specific diseases where HealthLinx will run its proprietary biomarkers across these samples to determine their potential for future pipelines.

As per the current collaboration agreement with the University of Liverpool, HealthLinx licensed in key biomarkers that appear to have utility in the future development of OvPlex ovarian cancer diagnostic.

The University and the Liverpool Hospital are also trial partners for the upcoming biomarker trial that will screen 1150 samples collected in Australia, Singapore and the UK. The study is a multi centre, multi site study that has been designed to determine the diagnostic performance of the OvPlex panel and validate additional biomarkers to target ovarian cancer.

The company said that OvPlex, its first product, has been released to the market. OvPlex is an ovarian cancer diagnostic with a diagnostic efficiency of 92% for early stage ovarian cancer. The product is now available in Australia, and in February 2010, the product will be launched in the UK and Ireland with other countries following over the next 12 months.

Nick Gatsios, managing director of HealthLinx, said: “The opportunity to expand our collaboration with Liverpool presents the company with an excellent opportunity to identify additional diseases that we may target to develop new diagnostics similar to OvPlex.”