HealthFrontier, Inc. and et medical devices SpA launched ecg@home, a new innovation in web-enabled electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. ecg@home is designed to record a 10-second ECG rhythm strip just by using thumbs. It is small in size and easily fits in palm. It was introduced at Premier healthcare alliance Annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition. It will be showcased along with other 25 products at Premier's inaugural Innovation Celebration.

The combination of advanced hardware and web-enabled telemedicine allows physicians and hospitals to review ECG reads soon after patients perform the test remotely in their own homes, said Tony Uccello, VP of Product Development at HealthFrontier. The ecg@home enables practitioners to provide better, more informed care for their patients without requiring time-consuming office visits. This new focus on portability and connectivity has many companies considering how these innovative technologies can add value to their products and services.

ecg@home utilizes HealthFrontier’s web-enabled software application Remote Health Monitoring System (RHMS). RHMS receives, stores and forwards incoming ECG scans to a patient’s EMR, eliminating the need for paper printouts. This technology is certified on Dell systems. It ensures easy and seamless connectivity from patient to physician systems.