Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, a provider of diagnostic imaging products, and Fujifilm SonoSite have showcased comprehensive women’s health care solutions on March 15-19 at the National Consortium of Breast Center (NCoBC) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the meeting, Fujifilm will introduce its latest digital mammography system, the Amulet Innovality, will be also known as the ASPIRE Cristalle once available in the US.

Among the many new features of the Amulet Innovality is the ability of this system to utilize advanced applications which includes the ability to do breast tomosynthesis studies.

The Amulet Innovality also has been designed to enhance patient comfort and the patient experience during annual exams.

The Aspire Comfort Paddle, a patented paddle designed to improve patient comfort and reduce patient pain by allowing technologists to ensure even compression of the breast.

The comfort paddle, which fits to the shape of the breast, holds the breast securely to ensure the tissue is separated. The new product is now available with the Aspire HD Plus and Amulet Innovality.

Fujifilm SonoSite will demonstrate its high-resolution ultrasound kiosk, the X-Porte, designed to cure side-lobe imaging artifacts, through a new type of technology never before used in an ultrasound system: SonoSite’s proprietary Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI).

XDI is a new beam forming algorithm that significantly minimizes the visual clutter from side-lobes that affect all ultrasound products regardless of system size.