Health Robotics has signed distribution agreements with Newico and Apta Medica in seven new European countries, for its CytoCare, i.v.STATION and i.v.SOFT technologies, to provide intravenous (IV) admixture compounding automation to hospitals all over the world.

The seven Europeon countries in the agreement include Bosnia, Croatia, Finland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

Health Robotics said that its software and related technologies will finally enable clinical pharmacists in the Former Yugoslav Republics to dedicate more time to patient care, clinical research, and to tackle new challenges in the quickly-changing pharmaceutical industry.

Health Robotics EVP Gaspar DeViedma said that Newico’s own experience with Oral Medication Robotics complements Health Robotics’ I.V. technology and “know-how”, and Apta Medica’s distribution and service network within the Former Yugoslav Republics ensures that Health Robotics can continue to focus on its core competences while selectively partnering with well-established, local, and best-of-class marketing and service organizations.

Newico provides solutions for pharmacies with automated storage and dispensing systems. Newico also distributes MTS Medication Technologies medicine dispensing products and versatile solutions for hospital’s medication logistics.

Apta Medica focuses on registration and marketing of products that improve the safety and efficacy of patient care.