The APMA Seal of Acceptance Program informs podiatric physicians and consumers about products whose quality, safety and effectiveness promote good foot health. The products qualify only after passing scientific evaluation by a panel of APMA members and rigorous testing at a recognized laboratory. A committee of Doctors of Podiatric Medicine decides to grant or deny the use of the seal only after evaluation.

Health Enterprises was awarded the coveted Seal for Therapeutic Foot Massager and Tru-Ice. Tru-Ice reduces swelling and relieve pain with an ergonomic, reusable design and patented liner system for the full benefit of ice without the melting mess. It provides cold therapy in one-third the time of an ice bag. The Therapeutic Foot Massager relieves pain, reduce stress and relax tired feet with three easy to use massage options (massage with heat, massage with cold or basic massage).

“Both the Therapeutic Foot Massager and Tru-Ice products have been medically proven to bring relief to individuals suffering from foot pain, using the latest technology in over-the-counter foot massage and cold therapy treatments,” said Dr. Ronald D. Jensen, APMA president.

“Health Enterprises is very excited to be recognized with the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The Seal is an affirmation of our commitment to develop innovative healthcare products that better meet consumer needs,” commented Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises, Inc.