Health Canada has granted regulatory approval for NeuroLogica's portable, 32-slice full body CT scanner.

The BodyTom scanner features an internal radiation shielding, dual drive system and a revolutionary battery array which provides essential CT scans to critically ill patients, while increasing safety of the patient and staff.

BodyTom, with its 85cm gantry and 60cm field, also produces high quality DICOM images which are compatible with other surgical navigation and planning systems.

NeuroLogica founder and CEO Eric Bailey said the Health Canada approval allows the company to bring the high quality 32 slice CT scanner into the operating room, the ICU and the ER.

"We expect BodyTom will have a significant impact on improving care and a surgical outcome in Canada as it has in the United States and in Europe," Bailey added.

In addition to BodyTom, NeuroLogica’s CereTom, the portable 8-slice CT scanner designed for the head and neck, and the InSPira HD, a high definition SPECT scanner, are also licensed for sale and use in the Canadian Provinces.