Cincinnati-based Havel's, a provider of echogenic needles, has released a new line of needles with micro laser etching (MLE) near the tip, for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia.

Havel’s patented Corner Cube Reflectors (CCR) marks near the tip of the needle reflect sound waves back to the transducer, showing anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists exactly where the tip of the needle is under ultrasound.

Instead of CCR reflectors, which slightly reduce the inner diameter of the needle, the new needles have MLE near the tip to reflect sound waves back to the transducer. The tip is therefore visible under ultrasound with no reduction of inner diameter.

Havel’s said that the new needles include the EchoBlock PTC for Ultrasound Guided Pain Injections and the EchoBlock PTC30 for Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks. The AccuTarg Quincke and the AccuTarg Chiba point needles feature the MLE reflectors and can be used in radiology and for ultrasound guided procedures.

John Barrett, vice president of sales and marketing at Havel’s, said: “I am very excited about the new MLE echogenic feature because it does not affect the inner diameter of the needle, allowing users to pass wires or catheters through the cannula without obstruction. We hope to eventually use the new MLE technology on a variety of products for use throughout the hospital.”