Hatch Medical, a medical device incubator and technology brokerage firm, has entered into an agreement with Pursuit Vascular, for its patent-pending catheter infection reduction technology brokerage.

Pursuit Vascular has developed a disposable device, ClearGuard, to reduce costly and potentially deadly catheter infections.

ClearGuard can easily be inserted into any brand of hemodialysis catheter and is engineered to kill infectious organisms between dialysis treatments.

The ClearGuard technology is now available and may be licensed or acquired by interested third parties through an exclusive agreement with Hatch Medical.

Pursuit Vascular president and CEO Robert Ziebol said that the company expects ClearGuard to reduce catheter infections by over 75%, potentially saving tens of thousands of lives, and saving our healthcare system hundreds of millions of dollars in reduced hospitalizations every year.

“We are pleased to have the expertise of Hatch Medical on our side and look forward to working with Hatch to secure a partner committed to bringing this novel device to market,” Ziebol said.