German drug delivery devices manufacturer Haselmeier has unveiled a disposable pen for use with 3ml cartridges.

The D-Flex design covers a freely selectable regular or irregular dose regimen.

The platform can be set to deliver only one single dose or several fixed doses. It also allows to adapt various pre-selected doses.

The pen-system is equipped with a mechanism to avoid unintended dose selection.

The pen has been designed such that it does not allow for any doses besides the set doses. This prevents the patient from selecting unintentional doses by mistake.

Some of the benefits for patients using D-Flex are that it permits one or more pre-set doses.It has dose correction in order to avoid injection errors or loss of the drug and it does not permit any in-between values besides the doses set. It is a flexible platform which enables the customer to easily adapt to a wide variety of dose values.

Haselmeier strategic product manager Stefan Gaul said: "In line with the needs of the market, we at Haselmeier were looking for an improved solution for ‘unconventional’ or somewhat more complicated applications.

“Aspects such as patient safety and convenience of operation and handling were central elements of the process. The idea of designing an extremely flexible, strong platform for our customers was naturally a central aspiration.

“With the D-Flex we have found the ideal way to put this into practice. And it is all the more gratifying when the product design is explicitly appreciated by outside bodies. But above all, it is a good feeling to know that an innovation is far enough advanced in the development process to ensure that patients can be helped within a few years.”

Image: Haselmeier unveils D-Flex Just One, a new drug delivery device. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Haselmeier AG