Hamilton Robotics has signed a collaboration agreement with Peak Robotics to integrate the KiNEDx robot series with Hamilton's Microlab Star automated liquid handling workstation.

The KiNEDx 4- and 5-axis robots increase the Star’s access to microplate samples and third-party devices.

The dexterity of the KiNEDx robot enables access to deck positions and devices that cannot be reached with traditional labware grippers and even allows the plates to be tilted and flipped, for resuspension or shaking.

The new software drivers allow the Hamilton MICROLAB VENUS software to control the KiNEDx arm by calling functions or through preprogrammed moves, and the user can easily make movement changes.

Peak Robotics business development manager Steve Cowles said they are pleased to partner with Hamilton Robotics to offer a wide range of automation solutions for customers in drug discovery, genomics and clinical diagnostics and added that Hamilton’s extensive sales and distribution channels will expand their opportunities, particularly in Asia.

Hamilton Robotics director of Clinical and International Sales Scott Eaton said the collaboration allows to offer additional flexibility to their STAR customers and the KiNEDx robot offers an impressive range of advanced functionality and is easy to program.